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In 1914, Winsor McKay creates the first ever cartoon character with bright and personal qualities — dinosaur Gertie. But this fact, and accordingly, references to the origin of the name, are brought to the Hollies, which then grew in the area, and not proven. In the building are the offices and recording studios that are closed to the public, but its circular design looks like a stack of 180 mm vinyl records. In June 1999 the long-awaited Hollywood extension of the metro Los Angeles, the red line for rapid transit, which ran from downtown Los Angeles to San Fernando valley, with stops along Hollywood Boulevard at Western Avenue, vine street and highland Avenue. Especially for mass viewing of films build cinemas.

The first Studio in Hollywood was established by the centaur, located in new Jersey, who wanted to make westerns in California. The status of the city had a clause prohibiting the sale of liquor except by pharmacists, as well as a provision forbidding to chase cattle, herds of more than two hundred. 1870 in this area flourished agriculture and the cultivation of grain.

Before 1900, the community, called Cahuenga, had a post office, newspaper, hotel and two markets, and its population was 500 people. 22 January 1947 began its first commercial TV station in the West. Each scene consists of a sequence of photographic or digital still images (frames) showing the individual phases of the movement. film — film) and cinema, film, TV movie, motion picture — a separate piece of cinema. film — film) and cinema, film, TV movie, motion picture — a separate piece of cinema. Famous building "Capitol Records" on the street vine street North of Hollywood Boulevard was built in 1956. He wanted to sell to local ownership among the lemon ranches, which then ran along the hill. wells. Griffith with his troupe, consisting of actors Blanche Sweet, Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore and others to the West Bank.